Wednesday 1 September 2010

How can they do it

Dear Daughter has just told me about one of the parents at the Montessori school where she teaches.

Because she was visiting us in deepest Dordogneshire it reminded her of one of her families. They had been holidaying somewhere here and driven back up France and as their arrival home pretty much coincided with the time when their little one should be in nursery they dropped him off for the afternoon.

So they are handed over a just woken up, completely disorentated, totally sodden, under 5 year old and went home. Leaving Dear Daughter to try and console this child that needed complete changing.

When rung a little while later because, not surprisingly, this child hadn't settled, they agreed that they might be able to come and fetch him a quarter of an hour early.

And then they wonder why their children find life difficult...........................................


  1. Wonder they didn't send it home in the post....

  2. Oh shame on them...poor little mite

  3. Just a few hours while we unpack and get settled...I can see their "logic" but truly no thought for the child or the teachers. My brother had a similar philosophy. He paid for daycare so even if he finished work a few hours early, he would leave the kids there the full time to get his money's worth.

  4. Dear Daughter said that it wasn't until the parents saw the expression on the teachers' faces that they had any concept that this might not be a good idea