Wednesday 3 June 2009

The Happy Corner

Always put hope over experience, it's a fundamental requirement of being in the happy corner. The expectation is that everything will go well, people will try their best and keep you informed.

Today the electricians and plumbers were supposed to come. We are now waiting for the electrican to come and finish and connect up the electricity, the plumber to come and finish and connect up the water, the window man to come and finish so that we can have windows in the utility room and the downstairs shower room and locked doors, the woodburner man to come, and the stair man to come.

Him outdoors is in the utility room fixing plinths and handles to the units. This is a very fiddly job with a lot of swearing involved. It has taken the best part of two days to do these but it looks lovely. (Not my sort of thing at all, I'm way too impatient.) One day we will have the washing machine in there, the freezer, microwave and large fridge and all sorts of kitchen stuff from the attic so that I can lay my hands on it rather than it being in that box under that box behind that..........I think. Can't wait.

The woodburner team are supposed to be coming tomorrow. Last time they were very prompt and very good. We live in hope. (Happy corner.)

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