Tuesday 30 June 2009

Too hot

Have realised that if I want to comment on other peoples' blogs I had better update my own.

Today is super hot for the third day running. The grass is crunchy and the veg are beginning to wilt before I am really about in the morning. Have just read something on totalfrance.com that was discussing whether you should water your veg every day. I am firmly in the 'not unless they need it' school. But since I am also in the 'idle' school maybe that is the reason. I did water the Bramley apple tree this morning because that is really not used to this heat any more than I am having been brought from England.

We have at last moved into the barn and it is glorious. A wonderful space which delights. It's still not finished of course but we've given up worrying about that.

The stairs would be good. Last week, the man said that he would be finishing them today and might deliver them tomorrow but even from the Happy Corner that is way too optimistic. The door man came to refit the windows that they had done wrong and, guess what, they'd done them wrong again so they will now be ready at the end of July. (Which is good because everything closes for August.) We have managed to jam one of the new wrong windows and the man should be coming today to fix it. It's now 12 so I guess he won't be her euntil this afternoon which means that we could have gone to the market. Ce n'est pas grave.

The shower would be good to. We are awaiting delivery of a bit that has taken 6 weeks so far. Since the other shower is down a glorified ladder, through the main living room and up another set of stairs, and what you need is always in the other space, this gets a bit tedious. But the bath is great, with a stunning view. We decided to have a glass basin which is placed on top of an old chest of drawers which has turned out brilliantly but I can't get used to cleaning my teeth into the chest of drawers :)

Must be time for lunch soon. Went to the supermarket and bought lots of tomatoes so a tomato and basil salad is in order. I was hoping for flats of peaches or nectarines but it's obviously not quite the season yet. The supermarket is full of tourists and what they sell has changed hugely. Lots of bbq stuff, inflatable things for pools, summer clothes, picnic things. Love it.

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