Tuesday 5 May 2009


I shall add to this as I manage to take pictures of orchids close up that aren't blurry.
Here goes with trying to show pictures of the orchids in the field. This was the first sort, it's a green winged orchid. There are loads of these all over the field.

After that I found the lady orchids.

There are very few of these and mostly around the edges of the field. These are man orchids over by the wood pile I think because they have bits in the middle of the flowers that look like people.

And then when we were taking the lid off the swimming poolI found a patch of spider orchids. I went this evening to inspect the man orchids and there was a bee orchid there.

At the bottom of the scrubby wood bit there are lots of pyramid orchids in fact they are coming up all over the place.

It's a delight. Every week there is another sort. Brilliant. More pictures to follow.

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