Sunday 3 May 2009

An early visit to St Cyprien market this morning. Well, early for us, we got there about 1/4 to 9. It is a glorious day and everything looks fresh and green and shiney. The morning sun shows off the ancient town at its best. Meet ladies already coming away with beautifully boxed patisserie and baskets full of vegetables. Still lots of setting up and loads more stalls now that the tourists are coming. Lots of clothes stalls that must have been hiding somewhere for the winter. Because we are so early everyone is still in good humour and the stall holders are all chatting to each other or disappearing off to get a coffee before they start up properly. Less black clothes today on the locals although still lots of coats and hats.

I wanted some artichoke plants but we had a lovely walk down the street chosing the lovely stuff that we would buy on the way back - if we had fifty quid to spend on lunch!

I think oysters to start. The asparagus looks lovely and the strawberries look and smell gorgeous. A nice bit of cheese perhaps and some bread. Not for lunch, but the soap stall smelled lovely too. A beautiful desert. Lovely flowers for the table......................

We bought duck breast and eggs from the same stall which are all double yolks - must remember to ask her what brand of chickens they are. (In the back of my mind I have it that these may well be duck eggs because they are from the duck stall and quite large, but maybe not large enough for ducks? - ignorant again.)

Asparagus and strawberries because we now know that the strawberries won't get any cheaper and they are always gorgeous. In the whole of last year only had 3 or 4 soft ones in the punnet. And my artichoke plants. Left meeting a steady stream of ladies with their wheelie shopping baskets ready to load up. Got bread, and pain au raisin for late breakfast, on the way home.

Came home to sit in the shade and 'love it'. Another wow we live here day.

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