Wednesday 12 November 2014

I wish things were less vague

Every single question about the side effects of chemo is met with a 'maybe', 'sometimes', 'not always' occasionally a 'probably'.

All the medical contacts to do with my cancer and chemo have changed the hair advice to 'it WILL fall out' with direct eye contact. Back to the 'maybe' for when that might be though.

Today is day 8 of this three week cycle and no sign of fallout yet although 'maybe' more floppy........

Everyone is examining my head to see if I still have any.

So today I have made an appointment at the hairdressers.

Him Outdoors is incredulous but I feel very happy.


  1. I think it does actually vary from person to person, Rosie, and certainly between different chemo combinations. I do hope you're coping with any other side-effects. How many cycles are you due to have?

  2. Yes I'm sure it varies, just my head would prefer facts :-) seem fine after a week, fingers crossed. 6 cycles of chemo, not sure if the Herceptin will all be done in the same way.

  3. It seems to vary with the combinations, thus the explanations ranging from the emphatic to the vague.
    Leo's hair went floppy and thin, but he did not lose it.
    How right you are to go to the hairdresser...a morale booster!