Wednesday 19 November 2014


(After an age of trying to upload/download the images I want, you'll have to google the images yourself!)

'Your hair WILL fall out'

and dammit they are right. Unlike my dear twin brother who managed to keep a full head of hair with his chemo, mine is falling out by the handful. Well not exactly by the handful but certainly if you touch it, it comes away in dozens, every time.

But nobody said that it hurt while it was doing it! It's fine normally because I don't touch my head much but my scalp feels very bruised. As a teenager I had long hair and if I wore it up for any length of time and then let it down there was a real ache to my scalp and it feels like that now.

Of course I had been warned about my hair falling, and I am becoming accustomed to it, but I didn't realise that I actually think my bald head is a bit creepy. My husband's, my son's are not a problem at all, I can gaze fondly at them, but mine ................................

Then I saw an article about Henna Crowns (Google opportunity). Now that looks like a plan. Then people would look curiously at my head instead of that, head on the side, poor you, look.

Caroline is sending the henna, now I just need to convince Jackie that she can do this.


  1. I've just checked out the henna crowns....and they are decidedly more interesting than the hat we saw when Leo was still attending the oncology clinic here. We seemed to have the same appointment times as a lady who proudly sported what I can only describe as a knitted Viking helmet complete with padded horns.
    Mark you, winter is coming on apace...

    1. Now there's an idea. Maybe reindeer antlers would be seasonal??

  2. A friend who lost her hair through chemo said the same thing about how her scalp hurt, so she decided to shave the lot off and have done with it. You'll be able to choose a sensational henna crown and wow everyone, Rosie.

  3. Just recharging the hair trimmers :-)

  4. A friend was advised to sleep with a silk scarf over her pillow - it eased the 'bruised' feeling. Although the way I toss and turn it would have to be stitched on :-) What you need is a nice cold spell and your head can disappear into a kitten soft snood.

  5. Thinking of you Rosie, and hope your batteries are recharging too. Good riddance to 2014, bonne année!