Friday, 10 October 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I've never been one for gazing admiringly at myself in the mirror. The sort of hotels that have walls of mirrors in the bathroom have me scuttling for towels. But having made such a good job of hiding the orange pine on this one I thought it was only fair to have a good look at what me at 60 looked like.

After a moment of 'hmm, not too shabby' I noticed that one of my boobs was catching the light oddly. Feels a bit squidgy lumpy underneath but not what you'd call a lump, just not quite the same as the other one. Well since I'm already seeing nice doctor tomorrow, I'll just mention it.

So 8 weeks later it turns out I have breast cancer that is going to need every sort of therapy. The joys of that are not defined as yet but it looks like it might be ruling the roost for the next few months.

Well, you'll be pleased to know this isn't going to be a breast cancer blog. The wonders and weirdnesses of the French health system may well get a mention but no gory details.

But what I want to say is that I really want you all to go to the doctor's with your lumps and bumps. This has all come about from a clear mammogram in April. Four months later I'm on the breast cancer roller coaster.

If in doubt GO TO THE DOCTOR..................................................and avoid some of this.


  1. Oh, goodness! What lousy luck!
    I am so sorry that this drops on you after all the fun you have had restoring your house and enjoying local life.
    If you have to have chemo, then, from Leo's experience, take noni and graviola during treatment.
    We'll both be thinking of you...

    1. Lousy luck indeed - sigh. Will look up non I and graviola, thank you.

  2. So glad you hated that orange frame and looked in the restored mirror. Keep a diary. Remind your friends to breast check daily - men too. My friend had a new short hairstyle and bought a lovely wig before she started treatment whether she was going to need it or not. It was a great look ... and worked for her. Just an idea - sent with love from Hydrangea Hall

  3. I'm playing blog catch up so only just read this. Well done for reacting so quickly and sounding so positive. Thoughts are with you.

  4. I'm another playing catch-up and am SO sorry to read this, Rosie. Yes, breast cancer can sometimes appear from nowhere, as I too have found in the past, and it's a real game-changer for a time. Wishing you all the very best for your treatment. Thank goodness for that mirror!