Monday 29 September 2014

Do you rinse?

At dinner on Saturday with French, American, Scot and us English the question of  'Do you rinse' came up.

Coming in on the tail end of the conversation, my first reaction was 'rinse what?'. Last I noticed they had been talking about dentists and the conversation had come, via flossing, to 'do you rinse'? Surely everyone rinses and spits after brushing??

Turns out they had moved on to washing up. Did we rinse our plates after washing them in Fairy Liquid?

Ummmm no. Never have, don't know anyone that does, never even thought about it except the good glasses in really hot water to drain sparkly.

Every other nationality was appalled. Horror crossed their faces. Complete disbelief that anyone could leave the residue of Fairy on their crockery/cutlery.

'Well you've eaten/drunk at ours, have you ever noticed anything soapy?' 'No but you've got a dishwasher.' Well now we have but that is a relatively recent innovation.

I do remember Mum complaining about Aunt Alice (an elderly Aunt when I was young) who always washed up in half an inch of cold greasy water which was a relic of the days when every drop of hot water had to be boiled on the stove. But Mum never rinsed, my mother-in-law never rinsed............................

How about you guys?


  1. I always rinse when washing-up by hand, but the new received wisdom when cleaning teeth is to spit but not rinse, so as to let the toothpaste have longer to protect your teeth. It's a habit I'm finding very hard to adopt. :-)

  2. Ho hum, behind the times again - sigh

    1. Not really. I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago. :)

  3. Goodness - I thought I was a leader of taste, style and everything proper and now I find my rinsing marks me out as a loner .. although that's the burden of leadership I suppose. xx

  4. How much washing up liquid to they use! I rinse glasses but nothing else - perhaps I'm mean as we're on a water meter!

  5. I am compelled to comment on a topic so close to the very health of our Great Nation. And I confess I am a (lone?) Brit that rinses dishes, glasses etc. What a relief to come out at last. It is a habit learned from my late mother, who would beat me with a wet scouring pad if I got it wrong. And I do know a nameless place where tea arrives with a slick of detergent on the top.