Thursday 29 August 2013

Propitiate the Gods this is all going too well

The masonry is going brilliantly. The mason has gone off to visit family for the weekend but has nearly finished the bedroom window up to the lintel.

Most of the crepi has been chipped off the back ready for jointing.

We called in to see a blacksmith at the bottom of the road last Saturday to talk about the balcony and after a nudge this morning he turned up this afternoon full of 'no problem' 'I can do that'. And because we have scaffolding only until the end of September, he could fit the platform by then and then do the rail later. He even responded to my 'not too much later' with a grin. And he could do it slightly bigger and match the rail!

Which reminds me we still haven't heard from the guys that promised to send an estimate for the wooden balcony by the end of August. Hmmm me thinks they may have missed the boat.

And that's enough.


  1. Wonderful progress...I still cannot believe that you have men working in August.
    Clearly the men with the estimate for the wooden balcony can't believe it either so they may be in for a hock when they come back from the beach....

    Just pour a small libation from the evening glass of wine....

  2. To be fair, the mason injured himself earlier in the year and can't afford more time off and his sidekick needs the money while all his colleagues holiday.
    The window people are off for the whole of August though.
    I'll be tipping wine later :-)

  3. After your long search and struggle to actually buy the house, I reckon you deserve some decent progress, Rosie. At this rate the main exterior work will be done before winter closes in, which is brilliant.