Sunday 25 August 2013

Excited about a tiny hole!

When the guys took the crepi (plaster) off the outside they revealed two deep holes in the wall. I bet they go through................................let's take the plaster off the inside too. So we spent yesterday chipping away ...........................................and they do.
I can't tell you how ridiculously pleased I am about this. It's like finding hidden treasure and there is so little in this house. Surely it means that some of the house must be older too because who would recently have built a house with these tiny holes that are so common in the area? (Fly comments please?)

A friend has put lovely orangey red glass in hers that looks wonderful. I can feel a visit to the stained glass man coming on. But perhaps I'd better have a closer look at the cellar wall first.


  1. Putlog holes for scaffold? (perhaps left when the house was built)

  2. That's what Tony thinks. I'm hoping for something more romantic - pigeons, fairies :-)

  3. I really don't know....the scaffolding idea sounds likely..but I too would love a more exotic explanation!

    I don't remember them at all in my area but will ask older friends there to see if they come up with something.
    Mark you, as a local once remarked to me, only mad foreigners start hacking plaster and crepi off walls in the first place, so perhaps they were there but undiscovered.

    We had pigeon roosts in my first house, up under the eaves, but that was totally different.

  4. I can't help hoping that if they were just scaffolding holes they'd have been filled in at the end. The romantic in me wants them to have reason and purpose, albeit now unknown. :-)