Thursday 18 April 2013


After a longer than expected stay in England, we are back in France and able to start on the house.

We have arrived back to the most wonderful soft green warmth (that sounds very mouldy :-) ) but for people who have been freezing in England it is just heaven. The sun is hot, spring is beginning to spring and we can start.

Well, we can start when we have had a chat with the neighbour about the weather, met a friend in the street to catch up, been up to the shop to buy water because when you turn the water on there is an inaccessible flood behind the shower, bought matches for the camping gaz stove to make the coffee and generally gazed lovingly at our little wreck of a house.

Yesterday we spent the day moving some furniture that was left behind, into the house of a friend. It has potential to be good although some of the more ancient stuff fell apart as we moved it for the first time in decades. Maybe it is just having a temporary home on the way to the dump but maybe with a bit of Griffith magic it will be lovely.

Then we had a meeting with a window/door man which was perhaps a mistake at the end of a long hot day but he had some good ideas and we are meeting him again at his shop to see (and touch) what he suggests.

Arrived home knackered to sit in the sun with a beer.



  1. Welcome back, Rosie. How lovely to be starting work on your long-awaited new home. Have fun. :-)

  2. So pleased to see that you are back...and ready to start!
    well, after the beer, anyway.