Tuesday 12 March 2013

Buffalo Grill

Because we deserve it :-)

May not seem like much of a reward but the advantages of Buffalo Grill are that they are easy to find - see roof; they are in every city; they do a reliably good steak; you don't have to be sitting down by 12.15pm in order to get fed; and, most importance they do the most amazing 'Diligence de Desserts'.

The man at CPAM accepted our forms for the health service!!!! With not a hint of a shrug or sucking of teeth!!! Couple of questions to which we had answers, so: photocopies of passports, english translations of birth and wedding certificates, evidence of tax paid, residence, income in england and france, evidence of any interest earned on anything in either country and filled in form, get it past the man. (With a proviso that if there is a problem they might ring the number and to hold on to our old cards - yes they had most of this information already - but hey.)

So then we had a first of many visit to the main DIY shed in the town. Him Outdoors' eyes light up with delight, wanders off muttering about what a good shop it is and how helpful everyone is. Have to say my eyes glaze over and heart sinks at the thought of how many times I will be sent the 45 minutes to Perigueux to find something I'm not quite sure about.

Then lunch. Him Outdoors loves the lumps of steak, they're not really my thing but  they are very good. It's the puddings that do it for me. The first time I had the puddings it was mainly because I couldn't decide, so thought a selection of 5 with 2 spoons (well he might get a nibble) was an easy decision. But they are all great, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate brownie, grilled pineapple, profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce and creme brulee and each one delicious. My mouth is watering as I write.

And to cap it all, when we got home there was an email from the architect to say that his plans had been passed by Batiments de France! So we have permission to apply for planning permission and we can get the ball started before we go away at the end of the week.

Brilliant stuff.


  1. Sounds like all is going well, though no Buffalo Grills around here! Take care Diane

  2. Lovely news...though I sympathise about the DIY sheds...full of men with shining eyes and women shifting from one foot to the other....

    Guy loves the Buffalo Grill chain...he reckons it is great value for money and the puds are a delight. He can take his grandchildren there and everyone is happy with their meal.

  3. Buffalo Bill is a convenient eating place when my wife and I are driving to or from our French holiday cottage, especially as they are open 12 hours a day. Good value as well, shame about the music.