Thursday 9 February 2012

I may be gone some time

I'm tired of cold now. We are stuck on the top of our hill. There hasn't been any more snow since the first fall of 4 inches but it has been below freezing since (and sometimes way below, -14C this morning). Him Outdoors went off to battle the elements yesterday afternoon. All equipped with shovel, rope, backpack, walking boots he disappeared down the hill in the car.

Phoned from the supermarket to say that all was well and he had got there safely. Phoned again from the car park at the bottom of the hill (base camp) to say that he had got there but no further.

Eventually appeared with backpack of groceries. Yay.


  1. My neighbours offered to take me shopping this morning, special tyres! Despite this we still had to push out in one place when we moved over for the car coming the other way. That was at 10am and the care was reading -12C. I have also had enough, what happened to the mild winter? Diane

  2. Ouch, Rosie. It's pretty chilly here in the UK, but nowhere near as bad as that. It sounds like you're getting the kind of weather we had last winter, which still makes me shiver when I think of it.

  3. That sounds highly unpleasant....lucky you have a sherpa.