Tuesday 14 February 2012

And now the cat's disappeared

As we struggled to get the car out on Saturday morning, Arthur the cat shot out from underneath and disappeared into the wild blue yonder. He had just returned from too long away and then got a big shock. And we haven't seen him since.

What an empty house this seems.

The good side of this is that we went around the neighbourhood asking if anyone had seen him and met the nearest neighbours. And they were all delightful. The farmer's wife up the hill cleans for a friend of ours and had already popped in to say that her doors were wide open if we needed anything. Seems like she cleans for everybody around and knows everyone. Their house is a..may..zing, ancient and full of huge old furniture and the most wonderful french grandfather clock big enough to hide in. The view is breathtaking. Opposite us is a campsite and we were warmly welcomed into the kitchen by a couple and their son. Full of helpfulness and trying out their few words of english - were sure we would know one of their regulars who came from England and rushed off to find their address.

No luck with Arthur but lovely people.


  1. Do hope he turns up soon.

    Old French furniture certainly was well built!


  2. I wonder if his French miaowing is good enough for him to ask his way back to you? Seriously, hope he turns up soon so you can stop worrying.

  3. With everyone looking for him he'll be sure to be found....and you've met so many nice people in the process of looking for him.
    But you do worry until they turn up....

  4. Don't give up hope, Rosie, cats can go their own way for a long time when they want to. Good to know that you've got such lovely neighbours.

  5. Great way to meet the neighbours but I hope that your cat now knows he has done its job and returns! Diane