Monday, 2 January 2012

New note book

I have been given a beautiful new notebook for Christmas. Moleskin with elastic to keep it closed and bookmark. Beautifully decorated with special chosen pictures stuck on the front.

But starting it is really hard. What can I possibly write that is worthy of such a lovely thing. All that crisp new paper just waiting for profound words. Do I have a pen special enough?

Writing this down makes me realise how absolutely ridiculous this is.

Doesn't help though. I can't bear to spoil it's newness. What if I start a subject and then change my mind............

Oh for heavens sake.


  1. Ha ha Fly that's what Him Outdoors said

  2. And the baker has just given me a pen so problem solved of what to write with, just what to write.........................

  3. Oh I can so relate to this! I have the exact same problem when opening a new notebook (or sketchbook)...its a feeling that somehow you are going to ruin it by writing in it.

    My friend always starts with a list of things she loves...she says it helps get over that first page thing, its a good exercise cause it reminds her of the good things in her life and its always there when she picks the book up so when she's feeling blue she can read though it and cheer herself up. Just a suggestion :-)

    C x

  4. I'm afraid I must be a Philistine, Rosie, even with a notebook as beautiful as yours. I'm sorry to say I would probably just use it as a useful repository for my to-do lists or for quick notes. Either that or put it away as too beautiful to use, which rather defeats the object.

  5. Ah a Moleskine - we have an addiction for those (especially Mr H!). And nearly always write in pencil, because... well just because. It's not about changing things.

    I am the same with a new notebook. Sometimes I just put them away and then one day a perfect thing comes up that demands a lovely notebook. I hope you find a suitable use for it :-)

  6. Are you writing in the new notebook then, rather than here? :)