Sunday, 22 January 2012

Learning a new house

All the little things that become automatic very quickly

where the light switch is in the bedroom
which way to put the showerhead so you don't flood the bathroom
to turn the tap off firmly because it drips
which windows the cat can get out of/in to (vet said that the cat should stay in for 4 days. He escaped the first night and has continued as usual!)

and all the repositioning of things in the kitchen so that they are at hand

like being on holiday


  1. ...and a little bit exciting too I bet, SP

  2. It's amazing how quickly we adapt, isn't it?

    I was worried about Mr. Fly in the new house when he stays there for renovations as unless he can see he cannot get his balance...but in two days...or rather nights...he says he can put his hand on the light switch in the bedroom without wondering where it is....

  3. It keeps us on our toes, that's for sure, Rosie, and it certain exercise the remaining brain cells. Hope the plans are proceeding well.

  4. It is amazing how quickly a new home becomes just 'home'. Glad your settling in :-)

    C x

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