Wednesday 6 April 2011

Who am I writing this for?

One of the reasons we decided to get an older dog was that if it was older it wouldn't last so long if it all turned out to be a horrible mistake.

There are endless reasons for and against all ages and sorts of dogs and this was definitely taken into consideration. As against the vets bills involved in an ageing dog.

Put bluntly that sounds to me really unfeeling and unkind especially in the world of dog rescue where the main criterion seems to be an unlimited devotion to dogs. To me it is just a realistic decision in a world of which we have no experience.

But I find my need to seek approval from the world and be 'nice' is still at the top of my head even in my blogging space.

This afternoon Him Outdoors has taken Sweety off on a long walk and I have exactly the same feeling as when he used to take whichever kids we had swimming and I have some space................................... bliss


  1. What's wrong with being honest?

    You took into account the factors which would be important in making things work both for you and the dog.

    And as for the need for approval.....that extra little burden society likes to dump on women...I was about to sound forth, then, remembering that it is not 'nice' to foam in rabid manner on someone else's blog, decided to shut up!

  2. Fly is right, Rosie. You're just being honest and realistic, which is a lot more useful in most circumstances than the unfocused sentimentality shown by too many 'animal-lovers'

    I hope you enjoyed your space and that you're gradually settling down together.

  3. Actually very sensible, given that it's your first dog. Sweety gets to live with two lovely, kind people, and you get to find out whether dogs 'are for you' or not without the commitment of 11-15 years of it.

    I know what you mean though - no matter how old we are sometimes we just can't get past that need to justify things and get approval from our peers.