Tuesday 8 September 2009

Where are all the vegetables?

We went out for dinner last night. (It was good food but there was some 'cock up on the catering front' and it was very very slow.)

The food was lovely and the people watching interesting. As always, there was a selection of duck and its lesser known parts. The usual range of deserts - a tart, creme brulee, chocolate something and icecream.

But never a vegetable in site.

The markets are full of wonderful fresh produce. At this time of year there are about ten different types of tomato of all shapes and sizes, lots of lovely squashes. But you never get them on the menu in a restaurant.

You always get lettuce/salad as an accompaniment or as a course on its own if it is very french but the only vegetable that appears is an overcooked (probably tinned) french bean. Although this being france it's not called a french bean!

What do they do with them all?

1 comment:

  1. I've noticed that in France before - as you says it's very strange when there is so much fresh produce around!