Friday 18 September 2009


Oops we're in trouble again.

In the summer we got a letter addressed personally to me from the recycling people to tell us off in very official terms for putting glass in the yellow recycling bags.

How did they know it was us? and We haven't, have we?

We are very good about putting our glass in the bottle bank. Aren't we?

The penny dropped. It was our house sitters. Apparently in the US you put glass in with the other recycling. Oh OK let you off then. But how did they know??

Eventually, after pondering about why the letter was addressed to me when all official things go to Him Outdoors, I remembered that you had to sign for numbered recycling bags. They don't just throw them at the door like in England and wait for you to fall over them - and the pile of telephone directories - you sign for each roll at the Mairie.

Today we have had another equally official letter telling us that you must not put anything in the recycling bin that isn't in a yellow bag. No good just dumping empty cardboard boxes into the yellow bin, all must be in a bag.

Have no idea what I have dumped into the yellow bin with my name on, I think I'll just hope that everyone has got a letter. Don't think I'll worry about the waste of recycling bags either.

Incidentally the view from the nearest bins is the finest for miles. Always a pleasure to dump rubbish.

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  1. That just goes to show that every department must be different . We go to our hotel de ville to collect the bags but don't have to sign anything - blimey, it's a bit Big Brother where you are