Wednesday 29 April 2009


Well we got the plastic for the window, just in time because it has just been tipping it down and window is perfectly watertight - Him outdoors strikes again. Nobody came to serve us, so we cut it ourselves which is very brave because you then have to explain to the checkout lady why you haven't got the chitty!

Got the table from Champion too. Had to have the last one so had to ask if we could (note use carton not boite for the cardboard box). Also apropos of nothing in particular, use c'est bien not c'est bon, aparently bon is for tasting good not for everything.

And the cacti thingies which are sitting on the new table waiting for it to stop raining!

Also went to pharmacie to get the tick remover for Arthur. 7.30€ for two tiny pieces of plastique !

One year on am confident to explain what I want or why I want it and understand what they say back - mostly. Still can't understand enough of the chat between people. Get the gist but lose the detail. But get great satisfaction out of these tiny achievements.

Thierry and Wayne are off now so I'm going to go and look at what they've been doing.

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