Wednesday 29 April 2009

Another wet day in the Dordogne

Evelyn tells us that we will have 3 days of rain before the good weather comes back. This is mid way through day one. Evelyn is a very glamourous french woman who presents the weather on TF1 as if going to a cocktail party. A new outfit every day and although sometimes more than a bit odd, always beautifully put together.

Arthur has decided that he doesn't need to go out in the rain and has plonked himself on my lap to help with the typing. Hamish is, very surprisingly, out exploring. Unusual for him, he doesn't usually like the wet.

Sound of tyres on gravel either means that Thierry the mason is back from his lunch - not likely as it's only 1.30 - or the postman's come. Will restrain myself from leaping up to see what it could be. Put in an order for DVDs at this week so am expecting something. Also belong to and there's usually a book in the pipeline somewhere.

(One of the DVDs that arrived was I am Legend which made me realise that I really don't enjoy scarey movies. Need something to do while watching to replace peeking out from behind the sofa. And it really isn't a very scarey movie at all! Enjoyed it 'in spite of'.)

This afternoon have to go and get a gadget for taking ticks out of Arthur from the pharmacie. Didn't have any yesterday but the nice lady said that there would be some today. Him outdoors is going out to get some plastic for the new temporary window that he is making to stop the rain spoiling the new floor, so I expect we shall combine the two. But have to wait for at least 2 and probably 2.30 to make sure that the shops are open.

I also have it in mind to buy a small marble topped table to go with granny's wrought iron chairs that I have painted and some little cactii whose name escapes me for the pair of urns that are too small to keep damp in the summer or unfrozen in the winter.

The front door has finally refused to open after sticking for weeks so Him outdoors is struggling again with the bloody thing. Maybe we shall have to add a new door handle to the things we need from Weldom :)

Wayne the tiler is here today making a lovely job of the hall floor. Tiles we bought to go with the kitchen ones are too small, too thin and a pain in the arse to lay diagonally rather than straight. I hadn't realised how many more cuts you need to lay the edge tiles of diamonds - sorry Wayne.

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