Friday, 29 November 2013

A Good Friday

 The window man came today and replaced the guest bedroom window.

Which looks so much better from the outside.

He also put in the cloakroom window. Him Outdoors has put the basin in too - just to see, not finally.

And then put proper French handles on nearly everything. (Note that apparently it is normal to put window handles at really strange heights! Not sure I believe this but hey, another French oddity.)

And also today, Noam came and crepied the cellar wall. This is Him Outdoors admiring his technique. He was being labourer and providing barrowloads of golden crepi. They have done an absolutely brilliant job. And so quickly.

And since there was some left, why not crepi the pillar too.

A blast of gold on a freezing winter day. It will dry paler but is a gorgeous colour and turns such a gloomy dreary space into a wondrous goldenness.

Yesterday afternoon there was a loud noise of a wheezing engine coming up the hill. Turns out the neighbour opposite was having a load of wood delivered by ancient tractor. We couldn't leave her on her own to unload with elderly driver so we helped. Got a drink after and also ordered our own load to be delivered next week.

Went up to the Mairie this afternoon because apparently if we are having wood delivered we must ask the Mairie to get the road closed so that we do not cause a traffic problem - oops. Well after explaining what and when I wanted a guy said, oh that's ok, the road is already closed because the roofers are reroofing a house next week. Turns out it is our house!!! Who knew?? When I mentioned to another neighbour that this was happening, they knew too!

Love it.


  1. And there's an email to say they're coming - yay

  2. Great, isn't it!
    Everyone imagines you know so no one tells you....

    And that cellar is more grim grey blocks...