Sunday, 3 November 2013

Delivery points

France has a very effective system of delivering to central points. Usually a bar. We have had several things delivered on this way and it works very well.


Get an email saying your delivery is ready for collection at such and such a shop. Check here for location and opening hours of shop.

Oh good, open Sunday morning, we'll go out of our way this morning to collect the parcel.

Bonjour have you got our parcel.

We're shut.

Since the door is open and you are obviously here, may we have our parcel please?

Non. The machine doesn't work on Sundays.

Are you open tomorrow? Non.

Oh, OK then we'll be back on Tuesday then.......?..........


  1. Oh dear, the best laid plans and all that.... I do hope the shop deigns to open on Tuesday.

  2. This system did not exist in my time...buti gather froe friends that your experience is not unique.....

  3. Except that Tuesday is market day and you can't get anywhere near the shop, sigh.