Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Someone last week said that they were amazed that we were doing up a house at all, let alone together.

It was the 'let alone together' bit that is proving the more difficult. We have been together for more than 40 years and since 2007 have spent most of our time together. So we think we know what the other one is thinking. How wrong can you be.

There are more and more occasions where we assume that the other one has understood that we were ordering such and such, that we were 'always' thinking of doing this, 'never' going to have a radiator there, the basin was 'always' going there. And so on.

I guess we are having to make huge numbers of decisions.

And each time, it is surpring. And somehow unsettling.

PS The roof man has confirmed that we are booked in for end November, beginning December - yay. Happy Christmas!


  1. Leo used to make detailed plans....and then something would always change which put something else out in its turn....but we survived it all...

  2. We've been together even longer than you, Rosie, yet DH can still surprise me, not always in the way I wish for, and we're not even restoring a house. :-)