Monday, 28 October 2013


Hmmmm. What's about to make something nice for pudding.

There's a packet of readymade pastry. In France they sell circles of readymade short crust and puff pastry that you can unroll and put in the tin still on the greaseproof paper they arrive in. Having bought a tin that fits them, life is simple. Bit past its sellby date but hey who's counting.

Some perfectly good but slightly sad apples in the fruit bowl.

Let's try some butterless cake on top. Weigh two eggs in shells, put same weight of ground almonds, castor sugar and rapeseed oil in bowl with the now broken eggs, pinch of salt. Mix.

Scatter cored and thinly sliced apples onto pastry. Dollop cake mixture. Bake for half an hour at something between 180 200 depending what the oven's feeling like............. et voila.

Impressive huh.


  1. I miss that ready made puff pastry....and that recipe sounds delicious.

  2. I've never tried ready-made pastry, but this recipe makes me want to. :-)