Sunday 8 July 2012

The one that got away

Before we came back to England this time, we put an offer in on this house. It's actually two semi-detached cottages, each big enough to live in while you do the other bit and then knock through. The location is lovely which after looking at dozens has become the most important thing.

It is only just on the market and about 50,000 euros over priced.

We decided to put in an offer of about 40,000 under the asking price as a first offer. We then had to come back to England and left wonderful Sally (WS) in charge of the negotiations. She is a fluent french speaking ex estate agent so we felt happy to leave it in her hands.

A few days later we got an email that basically said 'non'. And since then - for the best part of a month - the agent has been avoiding any contact with WS. Always out or unavailable or on holiday or whatever.

On Friday said agent eventually deigns to speak to WS. It's sold. They signed on Monday. Your friends are not in France, they are not real buyers.


Now this is from the agent that we are renting through. Who knows that we are renting because we have sold our house and are looking for somewhere to buy.

Is there not something called negotiating in France? Is it not better to have two people interested in a house and get them all competing?

Well, dear agent, you aint getting a look at our money now


  1. There's something in the mindset that it is impossible to grasp at times....
    I can imagine a number of, well 'scenarios', because reason isn't what's involved...but how sickening.

  2. I am sorry that you missed out through what sounds like incompetence to me, but maybe there was a better reason for missing out; you will discover when you find something better. Diane

  3. Bad luck, Rosie. There will be another out there for you and not via that agent for sure. :-)

  4. That is such a shame, it looks idyllic.

  5. There is an "under-the-table" approach in French transactions. A certain cash payment that lowers value for tax avoidance reasons. A lot of sellers would be uncomfortable broaching that subject with strangers. Anything you can do to buddy-up to a local Mayor or Bakery owner,etc will help you in your quest. That property looked gorgeous. Good luck on the next one.