Friday 8 June 2012

The Lavender Man

Up early this morning for the fosse septique man. Huge tractor and pooh tank arrive at 8am as expected.

The toilet in our little rented house has been doing the 'flush, fill, fill, fill, fill, fill, OMG it's going to go over the top, slow down, slow down, stop, stop, slowly, slowly empty' thing. So lets divert the disaster by getting a man in.

The appointment had been arranged by our letting agent but last night we found a letter in our letterbox from the owners asking if we could get an estimate for spreading the contents of the tanks on the land! Not on my garden thank you, not with children coming to hunt out all the tiny wild strawberries hiding under the trees. But, in France, c'est normale.

Lots more teeth sucking

Much interest in the holes uncovered, something completely interesting about huge vats of pooh and other waste. Lots of shrugging and teeth sucking and mention of problems 4 years ago.

And..................... the whole drainage system is blocked. Fortunately after the tank which is now empty so we are ok until we leave on Monday and then they have 3 months to fix it. Thank heavens we are renting.

PS My parents always used to call the septic tank man The Lavender Man is that familiar to anyone else?


  1. Oh dear, no wonder you're glad it's not your problem to sort out, Rosie. Haven't heard the name Lavender Man, but it's rather good. :-)

  2. Yes, the Lavender Man was known to cousins of my mother....

    So now you know the meaning of ras de bol, too....