Sunday 4 September 2011

The stair case continues

Yesterday we received the expert's report. Only three months after his meeting.

He says there are twelve points wrong with the staircase, two of which are fundamental errors in that the stairs do not meet the norms of staircases. So the only thing to do is to take them down and replace them.

And from the estimates that you have provided that will cost about twice what you paid.

Over to the judge who (apparently) will give a ruling in 30 days ........................................


  1. By the time this is finally sorted out, you'll probably have moved, Rosie. It seems interminable....

  2. Has your installer declared himself bankrupt yet?

  3. Fly he's on every board outside every civic building site locally so we hope he's got a lot of work and money!
    Perpetua we are doing a lot of waiting at the moment :-(