Thursday 5 May 2011

Rubbish that I KNOW is true

Spinach makes you strong like Popeye
Carrots make you see in the dark
You must not go swimming for at least an hour after a meal
Everyone must get out in the fresh air every day
Riding back to the engine makes you sick
Cats are always she
Dogs are always he
You must NEVER write in a book
If you hold a guinea pig up by its tail its eyes will fall out
If you don't at least acknowledge a magpie you will have bad luck
My mother had eyes in the back of her head..........................


  1. ROFL, Rosie. I was just having a cup of tea and catching up with my blogs when I read this and splutttered all over my keyboard :-) You and I must have had remarkably similar childhood backgrounds.....

  2. Have you got any to add?

  3. Another splutterer over the have a lot to answer for...
    Eating crusts would ensure having curly hair.

  4. If only, Fly! the crusts I ate as a gullible girl, only to have to plait my hair to get it even wavy :-)

    If you eat the apple core a pip will get stuck in your tummy and grow there.

    Don't pull faces in case the wind changes and you get stuck like that.

  5. Ha ha thanks guys. Yep apple pips always a danger and that wind!!

    Swallowing chewing gum wraps it around your insides too

  6. I had forgotten most of those, but yes I remember them all from way back. Thanks for the memories! Diane

  7. If you go outside with wet hair you'll catch your death of cold.

    Sitting on a cold windowsill or a hot radiator will give you piles.

  8. Oh yes J - always 'your death'.

    At school we had very fat ancient radiators that were at a convenient height for sitting and we were always telling each other that we'd get piles.

  9. Yes, piles from sitting on radiators..I'd forgotten that one.
    Sat on them, still don't have piles.