Monday 28 March 2011

The Killing

Several things are churning about in my head at the moment so I'll probably end up writing about the unimportant ones and not confronting what I'm really pondering............ The Killing is a television series we have been watching for 20 one hour episodes. It is a crime thriller - can you tell that from the name?? - and it has been brilliant. Last night was the last two episodes and we still weren't sure 'who dun it' right up until the end. And we have been having 'how do you know.................' and 'why did........' conversations ever since. It is a Danish thriller with subtitles in English. We have got used to watching Scandinavian television thrillers with episodes of Wallender in the original Swedish. The only slight disadvantage with subtitles being that I can't knit at the same time, but that means they have to be worthy of total concentration. And this is. It's rare that you get to the end and want to watch the whole thing again to pick up all the clues that they laid that after weeks of watching you have forgotten. Brilliant stuff.


  1. My sister saw that amd raved about it too, Rosie. Unfortunately we missed the first couple of weeks, so didn't think it worth trying it at that stage. As I find subtitles hard to read, I might not have persevered in any case, but it sounds very much worth the effort.

  2. It has had us hooked, thanks to the expat shield programme which makes the BBC think my computer is in the UK rather than in Costa Rica.
    I wish the BBC would find some way of letting people abroad pay a licence fee to be able to watch legitimately.

    I was pleased to have subtitles rather than dubbing...but I'm not a knitter...

  3. We have a similar shield for which we are very grateful. I hate dubbing - a favourite thing of the french as you know.

    Husband was laughing at me because I have to have the volume loud enough to hear it even if I don't understand anything except Tak for thank you which seems to be common to Swedish and Danish!

  4. Mr Fly, who grew up speaking a Flemish dialect, was astounded by how much he understood.

    It is a very subtle piece of work which I'd love to see again but i think I missed the deadline for downloading the earlier episodes...always providing I'd have succeeded in downloading them anyway!