Friday 5 November 2010

It's unsettling

As I've said before, we live a quite isolated life in rural France. One of my contacts with the world is through here and today I have realised that two bloggers that I read with interest have moved on from France to other things. Another returnee has stopped blogging. Our only near English neighbour is set to go back to England before Christmas.

All these people, subconciously or otherwise, are writing/talking of the negatives of France.

Now, I know, from experience, that this is what you do when you are set to leave somewhere for pastures new. We have done it ourselves - although not from England to here which was a happy adventure. On some level, you have to go on to a better place.

That's all ok, and I understand, but for the ones left behind it's unsettling.


  1. Not unsettling for me. I love France, and although for the past 5 years I have only lived there for 6 months a year, I am going to be more than happy when it is 12 months a year. Roll on my husbands retirement so we can get there ASAP. We are also very rural and I looooooove it. Diane

  2. Ha ha. I don't mean that I don't love it, I do. I am very happy here. But, today, unsettled.

  3. I agree...when you're moving on you tend to dwell on the negatives of what you're leaving behind...but without those negatives there is no reason to leave.
    There's no subconscious moaning here...I know I've been moaning and I've been moaning with intent!

    We have had many happy years in France...and many happy years in the U.K. before that...but there are things 'up with which I will not put' and France has been collecting too many of these contra indications over the last few my particular case.

    Everyone's case is different...what will bother one will not bother another.

    Don't let my grizzling unsettle you...enjoy yourself in France...and try to make a network of friends in your area.

  4. Fly - although you are one of the departees, I mean absolutely no criticism or even comment really on your adventure except wishing you every good thing and looking forward to hearing all about it. I love your insight into France and agree with it. For us, at the moment, the good things outweigh the bad (mostly because they don't effect us much). But we are well aware of them. Please keep grizzling :-)

  5. I didn't think for one moment that you did...and thank you for your good wishes.
    We know Costa Rica is no paradise but it will give us time to take stock over a couple of years and to decide whether to stay or move on.
    But I do mean it about making is vital.
    One factor in our move is that we already have friends in Costa Rica, otherwise, at our age, it would have been suicide to have moved into the unknown.
    Off to start grizzling again....

  6. Hi Rosie
    I can hardly wait to get to France permanently. The renovations are virtually complete and we spend about six weeks there each year (I'm off there again next week to finish another job). We think we know what we are letting ourselves in for because we've had the house there for about six years, but I guess you can never know until you live there 24/7.

    I'm sure there are a lot of things wrong with any country you care to live in.

    An isolated rural life is what we want...well, not too isolated. I think we'll see family almost as often as we see them now...every couple of months for those living furthest.

    It's a shrinking world anyway, especially with Skype, Facebook and the internet in general. There is also daily contact with world-wide blogger friends.

    Anyway, I thought this was a good honest post of yours.

  7. I really understand your feeling's how I have been since moving to this isolated village 18 months ago. I had a good network of friends in all the other areas of Turkey where we have lived, but here I don't. Fly is absolutely right that it's important to make friends. I know I will continue to feel unsettled until I do. I'm making 2011 my year for attempting to travel a little further afield to make friends rather than sticking in this remote rut.

    I'm sure what you are feeling will soon pass. xx