Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas preparations

Today seems to have been a day of keeping my mouth shut - never an easy task!

We have decided not to 'do' Christmas this year because we have demolished the living room and are making the best of the new barn space/utility room to live in. All very sensible and logical.

Last week our nephew decided to join us for the holidays. Still all fine. He was warned that we are not 'doing' Christmas. But we decided that we would have to move back in to the living room while he was here.

This morning we have had the plumber come to fix the shower and the window man come to finally fix the windows and to collect his cheque before the end of the year. So while they were here and needing various decisions we continued cleaning the living room space and started bringing down some furniture to make it habitable.

Since when did Him Outdoors have an opinion on where furniture should go!

Then I had a crisis of maternalness (if there is such a word) and lack of Christmas. Nephew has trained/flown/trained/stayed overnight/more train to get here and I need it to be more welcoming than a couple of chairs and a table. Lets have a tree. (Only need to go and chop one down and clean the attic in order to get to the box of decorations.) Or at least be prepared for him to be able to go and chop a tree down tomorrow.

Him outdoors: Nope, he knows we're not doing Christmas. And we're not. Only concession is out to Christmas lunch at a local restaurant which we are only doing because Nephew is here.


Nope, sorry, going to insist on this one. Have cleaned the way to the decorations and cleared a space to put up a tree tomorrow. Nephew will be chosing/cutting/decorating.

Have now put up the Christmas cards on the windowsills and put out some bowls of oranges and some chocolates and found a few lamps and lit the fire and it looks very jolly if you ignore the hanging pipes and bare render! Also found enough ingredients to make a gooey pudding and put the casserole on the woodburner so it will all smell lovely and foody when we get back from the station.

Where is the cd of carols?????


  1. This is the great strength of women...persistence.
    Enjoy yourselves!

  2. I wasn't doing Christmas either Rosie...but I now seem to be steering towards making it a special day after all.

    Have a lovely time xx

  3. LOL!! The best laid plans eh!!

    It's funny, I've just spent the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents (Yes, I am aware that it's February...and before you think I'm super's 2009's presents!! We didn't see family over Christmas but are going up this weekend so I have been muttering about 'bloody christmas' all afternoon...serves me right for being smug when everyone else was having to do it!!)

    Thank you so much for visiting me!! I'm glad you did cause now I've found you :-)

    C x