Tuesday 6 October 2009


We've been out for the morning at a local market. Bit late this morning so more tourists although nowhere near as many as there are in 'the season'. We decided that there must have been a bus load of americans about somewhere to account for so many american voices.

Had a lovely wander along the long street of stalls. Watched one stall owner get very annoyed with a french man who let his huge alsatian cock his leg on one of her pretty scarves. Last we saw she was waving the offending article in his face while he looked totally unconcerned.

Coffee in a cafe watching the people go by. Bought mussels for lunch and some trout for supper from the wonderful fish stall. Best one we've come across with really lovely fish.

Arthur hadn't arrived home by the time we left this morning and we were vaguely surprised that he wasn't here when we got home. He's not usually late for his breakfast. As we finished lunch he came in yowling, holding one leg awkwardly and trying to rush upstairs. Well as much as you can rush on three legs. Decided to dissuade him from that and we sat on the stairs while he looked sorry for himself. Him Outdoors brought him a tin of gourmet cat food left over from his picky friend Hamish, which he gulped down. What a lot of effort he must have to have put in to getting home from his night out.

And he's now fast asleep on the chair beside me having had a token wash. General opinion is 'wait and see'. Can't be that bad if he's eating, washing and sleeping.......................... and anyway he's got three other legs!! Oooops hush my mouth.

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  1. Arthur has to realise that if he is to integrate fully into French life he must content himself with the 'cinq a sept' and stop this wild nightlife.