Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Well 'window' actually, there's only one so far.

And it's turned the clutter into the start of something more elegant! The guys arrived on time and apart from the fact that the handles are wrong, all went well, we love it. We have ordered the kitchen window at the end to match but of course the factory is closed for August so it won't be here for a while.
I seem to have spent days taking the front door to bits and scraping inches of paint off it, filling the holes and priming the rest. At the moment I think I will return it to its dark green because there is so little left of the original house so it would be good to keep something. (One of my first thoughts on seeing the new window was how long it's going to take me to paint it :-( )
Meanwhile Him Outdoors has finished propping up the beams on his new wall in the cellar and has moved on to repairing what will be the back door.

And it's sunflower time again


  1. Yes, the blessed month of August when nothing is either produced or delivered....

    Aren't things moving fast with you, though.

    1. Seems like they aren't going too slowly down your way either :-)

  2. It's going to be wonderful, Rosie, though I can't think how you're managing to work in the present heatwave!

  3. We're definitely part timers. Always up for time off :-)

  4. What a great job you have done. That space looks amazing. Although i am a teeny bit jealous that your windows actually seem to be the right size.