Saturday, 20 July 2013

Marche Gourmand

(Apologies for lack of blogging, I hope I have time now to do a couple.)

Last night we went to our first Marche Gourmande run by a local commune. It is about an 8k walk around the countryside, stopping off for courses at farms on the way round. You start any time between 6pm and 9pm and take torch and cutlery. We had booked by phone but when I went to pay the tourist office lady said that there were 350 people booked in! OMG that is going to be a long queue for everything all evening. Oh well....................................

How wrong could we be. We arrived with another couple at about 7 and signed in with about a dozen people, we set off on our own and walked uphill on what was still a hot evening to the first stage which was an aperitif. We'd caught up with a few but still only about a dozen people, mostly French and mostly local we knew a couple and our friends knew a couple.

More uphill through cool woods again with no-one walking with us and then we were on the top of the world with stunning views, past beautiful hidden houses. Second stage was a plate of local charcuterie. (Each course had jugs of red wine and water on the table to help yourself.)


Outside in a beautiful courtyard, lovely food, smiley people, glorious.

Wish I hadn't seen this barn on the way out but where do I think the foie gras comes from, glad I don't like it and very rarely eat it.

A longer walk through spectacular scenery as the sun set.

Third stage was confit de canard and haricots. Again outside.

Each time as we arrived another party was vacating the table which was speedily cleared and reset for us. We walked completely on our own each time. Where were all the people?? By now it was nearly dark.

Fourth stage was salade and fromage and then downhill to where we started for dessert and coffee.

Chat here revealed that even though by this time it was 11.30 only half the people had come through and they were not expecting to finish until 1.30 ish!

All really well organised by cheerful people. Well done to all.


  1. Looks like a great meal. I also don't eat foie gras, not that it helps much when all the French eat it anyway! Diane

  2. What a fantastic idea! A Safari Supper on a grand scale. :-)

    I'm another who doesn't eat foie gras.

  3. No foie gras for me either...but much better idea the walk with courses interspersed than the older way of driving between courses which is what was in vogue when I was first in France...