Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day to day stuff

The good news is the lovely stones under the kitchen window. The bad news is that the last remaining original window is rotten too. Ho hum. There is so little left of the original house. They will keep covering everything in concrete and then it just rots underneath. Sigh.
However, the attic is now cleaned and sprayed against every known boring insect. It looks so lovely. Closer inspection so far has only revealed minimal woodworm which has been halted in its tracks. The chest at the back is full of old French paperbacks which are interesting but heavy and need some thought as to how to get them back to the rented house and where to put them when they get there.


  1. That concrete is a curse...they get a bit of damp, plaster on concrete and it acts as a wick, pulling the damp up the wall.

    The attic looks great...worth all the work.

  2. Your attic is a lovely space, Rosie - well worth all the work. I agree about the concrete, used liberally and totally inappropriately in every old house we looked at. :-(