Monday, 5 December 2011

Breathing Space

House hunting is on hold. We have had a quick - or slow - loop round the roller coaster going after a fermette to restore. Lovely group of buildings, if you're going to do up a property then this is an ideal one. The only boxes it doesn't tick are 'a view' everything else is there. Only decision (and it's an impossible one) is, do we want to spend the next two/three years doing up a renovation job.

We have a rented house - yes they did eventually get back to us and all is well. Little white box but lovely position. So we could tackle a renovation without having to live in a caravan for years.

After we had taken busloads of people to look at it, the general decision was that it was sound. Still can't decide whether we want to do the renovation but ok, let's go for it.

On at 160,000 euros. Needs 200,000 spending on it. Never get the money back at that price - probably won't anyway but hey. OK offer 125 go to 135. Agent says owner has turned down 150. Bye bye house.

Meanwhile one of the people we have taken round is local french and guess what, his mother knows one of the sons of the owner of the property in town that started all this off. So there's a tiny light reappearing on that house.........................................

And so we go on with the piles of cardboard boxes and dustbin bags. (Local removal company wanted more to move us locally than it cost to move us here from England.) Lots of time because we have the rental from 15th December and we don't have to be out of here until 27th January. So all seems possible and calmer.


  1. With luck, a civilised move with plenty of time to get everything sorted, at both ends.

    Bon courage.


  2. Good news...a quiet Christmas and New Year...and who knows? The original house might yet be on your horizon.
    Nothing like the grapevine for results.

  3. That all sounds very positive in a quiet sort of way, Rosie. House-buying in a hurry is not to be recommended (says she from bitter experience)

  4. Good luck, I hope that all goes as planned. Diane

  5. At least you have been able to make some decisions to take control of the situation. the rental will also give you some breathing space. Good luck ...

  6. It's often not what you know but who you know (or who they know).

    At least you have a bit of time to think about it all. Hope everything gets sorted for you x