Saturday, 19 November 2011

Nothing to report

Or, still waiting, waiting, waiting....................................................

Life has ground to a halt on the house hunting front. We have run out of places to look at and are clutching at straws. So time for  a rethink.

Renting. That should be easy in this land of holiday homes and houses that have been on the market for ever. Not.

You have a dog. Can't help you. Was the first helpful reply. Another agent was overly positive and although she said pets were no problem at all, it would be fine, she actually has one house that would be suitable.

OK rush to see that before someone else, rush to the office to sign all sorts of stuff. Get a phone call to say that they need something from the bank and also an attestation from the notaire to say that our house is sold and how much for. Why????? but needs must,OK whatever.

Go to notaire immediately and ask. They can't ask for that, it's illegal. I can give it to you if you want but it's illegal. Ended up with him faxing them something but who knows what.

That was Wednesday, today is Saturday and no word if we can have it.


Removal guy came and looked at our stuff ten days ago. I will send you a quote immediately but I am very busy so you must get back to me quickly. Too busy to send the quote!


Oh and the long awaited Tribunal for the stair case was last Thursday. Endless meetings here with insurance companies, experts, people quoting for new stairs, all to come to a final event on Thursday in front of a judge. Letter today saying that it had been postponed until January.

But at least The Killing has started again on the telly :-)


  1. So sorry to hear about the delay, Rosie. Here was I hoping that no news was good news. I'm amazed you're finding it so difficult to find a suitable rental property, especially now that gite owners aren't allowed by law to refuse pets. Fingers crossed things improve very soon.

  2. I'm so sorry everything is grinding to a much for the publicity about France being awash with houses for sale.

    I should think the Killing will just about sum up your feelings.

  3. Perpetua, I had heard that too. Maybe it applies to unfurnished rentals too. More investigation required. The agent that told us that is a total idiot so maybe he's wrong...

    There are loads of houses for sale in this bit of France, Fly but the vast majority have been for sale for ages because they are either way over priced or there is some major blight on them. There are a couple that are really not what we are looking for but haven't actually got anything major wrong with them but that doesn't seem enough reason to buy a house. Although we spend hours discussing them :-)

  4. Yes, I do have to be picky when it comes to a house.
    Though, if it came to it, I think I'd pay a price for a house I liked.

  5. Oh Rosie, how awful for you.

    I'm sure that I read fairly recently that gite owners were not allowed to stop people bringing their pets with them on holiday any more...wonder if that applies to rented houses too.


  6. Blimey sounds like you have really been through the mill! There is nothing more irritating than being messed about...especialliy since no-one has bothered to come back to you! Oh that would drive me mad!! I shall keep my fingers crossed that next time I pop over you will have good news.

    C x