Thursday, 22 December 2011

France on line

Because we are moving into a rented house, Him Outdoors wanted to get the rent paid by Direct Debit. I wonder if you can do that on-line like you can with Smile (the online Co-op bank that we have been using for years).

Log on to Banque Populaire and with a bit of 'what does xxx mean' 'look it up', he filled in the form and sent it off. NON you are not registered for this service. Oh for f**k's sake. OK contact the Banque from my logged on page thinking that our Personal Banker will receive it directly.

Receive an email from Banque saying that they have received our email.

Several hours later receive another email from Banque saying that they had passed on our email ........ but to whom............................

And nothing more.


Saw in the paper that Carrefour in Sarlat are doing on-line shopping. Yay. Brilliant. We have a Carrefour nearer, maybe it will get to us. How does it work?

You register and select from a very limited range of products. These are then picked out for you by the very pretty photographed girls. You then collect them from a special place in Carrefour in Sarlat!!!

Oh the possibilities for error are endless.....................................


  1. Oh the wonders of the French understanding of the uses of the internet!
    I set up an internet banking facility...only to find that I had to tell them at the time whom I might wish to pay online in the future...if I'd had a crystal ball I would have brained someone with it...

  2. My mind is boggling, Rosie. It might have been a cop-out, but we're now so glad we opened an account with CA Normandie's Britline when we bought the house. Proper online banking that works, even though it's run by a French bank. Hope you get the rent payment sorted.

  3. OMG that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen! Good luck!

    I just popped over to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope 2012 brings you much love, laughter and happiness (and your shopping :-D)

    C x

  4. Our mantra is, "this is France, anything could happen!"


  5. Happy New Year...and best wishes for finding the house you want.