Saturday, 17 December 2011

French ladies and their scarves

Maybe this will go some way to making my scarf look less like a piece of string and more like one of the elegant french ladies who seem to be able to fling something round their necks and make it stick!


  1. Oh dear...between my bunny ears and my turtle neck I was fit to strangle myself...I'll never make it as a fashion icon.

  2. I shall have to study this! I too always look like I have a rope round my neck!

    C x

  3. Aaah Carol there's the rub. Perhaps if I took the time to study the video I wouldn't end up with a piece of string round my neck :-) I just don't care enough..............

  4. Maybe you just need a fatter scarf?

    Ha! Ha! Happy Christmas, Rosie!