Thursday, 22 August 2013

The mason is a genius

It's really hard to show the real impression of how fantastic the new hole is. They have actually ended the day with more finished than this shows. Both sides are up to the top and the lintel outside has been made. Because the new window is wider, the old lintel won't do, obviously,  so they make a new one out of reconstituted stone - who knew.
They reuse the old 5 stones of the lintel. The huge end ones stay in place and the middle 3, including the key stone, are stretched out with reconstituted stone in between. The window above is hanging in mid air with its lower stones removed. Well, we hope it's still hanging.
I've escaped this week. The house is filthy and full of busy men. They are sweet guys but there is nowhere to be that isn't in the way. I've been repainting some of our garden furniture peacefully back at the rented house.
The scaffolders removed the balcony. The metal is sound but the concrete was more than a bit ropey. I went to the blacksmiths to start the process of making a new one but of course they are on holiday. Patience.
Him Outdoors has been putting up the metalwork that will support the plasterboard in this room. It allows the walls to be insulated and plasterboarded easily. One of these days it will all come together beautifully.
The plumber also came this week and rattled off a list of things that we need. After a bit of imagining us wandering around DIY sheds trying to decide which of the 5 varieties of identical fittings we require and envisioning the frustration, we have arranged for him to accompany Him Outdoors. Yay.


  1. You're working a miracle....people working in August!

  2. I know! And the close neighbours who were holidaying have gone home already so they can make as much noise as they want. ( I hesitate to type how well it is going for fear that the gods may decide enough is enough.)

  3. I'm with Fly - workmen in August? They are doing a wonderful job and it must be so satisfying to see your new home growing like this.