Thursday, 1 August 2013


The general opinion is that this balcony is probably ok for now, but who knows for how long.
We are having scaffolding put up in the next couple of weeks (it should be there until the end of September) for the mason to enlarge the balcony window and the one above so why not use the opportunity to get rid of the balcony. The English scaffolders said that 'they can soon drop that for you'.
When we had the barn converted we used some lovely guys to build the car port. So last night, mindful that it was the last day of July and they were bound to be on holiday for August and probably too busy anyway, I rang them. 'Pourquoi pas'. They are indeed on holiday for August but if I email the plan of what I want, they can get me a first estimate before September and there is a vague chance they might be able to do it while the scaffolding is up! And if they can keep the balcony railing .............

Last time, these  two tiny guys turned up with a truck of huge timbers that they turned into a perfect 'abri' with ne'er a joint out of place. Brilliant to watch and beautiful job.


  1. Those are the sort of chaps you need....and isn't it great that they can always seem to squeeze you into their schedule.

    1. Not convinced they are going to squeeze us in - you have to wait for the good guys.

  2. With workers of that calibre, the new balcony should be a joy to behold.