Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little sister

Today was busy. The scaffolders were here. They built scaffolding up to the level of the balcony and then paused for much sucking of teeth about what to do next.

Bring in the big boys toys.

Jack hammer and large power drill were produced and huge noise ensued while they attacked the balcony.

I was playing quietly in the cellar tapping off decades of plaster ready for rejointing. Him Outdoors was finishing repairing the floor in the kitchen and then block laying.

Suddenly noise stops, much muttering and they've broken the drill. Borrow one and continue but no good.

So all change with the tools. My hammer and chisel are suddenly invaluable. I won't mind will I.

And I felt like a child again. Three brothers and I all playing happily. They break their toys and mine are grabbed because I won't need them because I'm just a ger-ul.

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  1. Sorry, Rosie, but that made me laugh. You sound so indignant! I only have sisters, but we had our moments too. :-)