Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Him Outdoors said this was worth a blog................................

We have been to a local market this morning. We have visitors tomorrow and more fruit and salad was required so let's go early and beat the tourists. Since it had the look of a stormy morning we didn't hang about.

Had a discussion with the Jacks (Jacque et Jacqueline who run the veg stall we favour) about how aniseedy her basil tasted compared to ours. She sells lovely generous bunches for a euro when I have to be very stingy with mine that suffered in the very hot weather. She busily crushed leaves of different shapes and agreed that the pointy (or was it the round?) ones were indeed much aniseedier than the others. Bizarre. But she had bought 3 packets of seeds and none of them had said anything apart from big basil on them. But yes it was true they were different. Next year we must get our seed from different places.

After the market we had to go to the local DIY shed to get various bits and pieces. I had hopes of some low growing plants to fill in some holes in the patio but not very big hopes because they have lost the person on their staff that actually knew you had to water plants to keep them alive. We gathered our few things and approached the check out. There was a long queue but they have an information desk that sometimes acts as a check out. So I asked the girl who was busily shuffling paper if she was a check out too today. Oh yes she says, of course, and busily signals to the back 3 people of the queue to go round to the other side of the information desk while I stand looking at her over the till she was behind.

Fortunately this left only 2 people in the original queue so it was ok but Him Outdoors was spluttering with laughter by the door.


  1. I loved the throwaway line about the only person on the staff who knew you had to water plants to keep them alive....that brought back the good old days of Super U with a vengeance!

    And the information desk girl...!

    Him Outdoors was right...I'm still laughing.

  2. Snort - now my tea is all over the keyboard! The queue thing has happened to me more than once and it's so typical. All you can do is laugh, really....