Wednesday, 9 April 2014


It's nearly Easter, school holidays have started and the first tourists are upon us.

Ambling around supermarkets, wandering around in shorts and sandals that no self respecting local would be seen dead in.

The weather is glorious and the countryside is delightful.

Given that the town is alive again, what better time for the local supermarket to shut for its annual holiday. For a month.


  1. Only in France!
    I was at a little seaside village in Brittany one August...the place swarming with visitors...and the hotel was shut for the proprietor's holidays....

    I've just come in from San Jose where the students from Canada and the U.S. have arrived for what they call the spring break....I can only imagine that they think that the capital is on the beach by the clothing - or lack of it.
    One of the old boys playing his guitar in the pedestrian street stopped playing to gawp...and I could see why.

  2. Mais oui, bien sur! Just as the local boulangeries shut in August when there are more tourists than at any other time of the year. Sigh...