Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter one and all. Such a shame that Easter Sunday was a miserable cold rainy day here. So many events planned that needed sunshine. Sod's law it was a lovely day again today. We didn't manage to get to Easter eggs but we did manage to eat our way through this magnificent strawberry tart which was delicious.

My job at the moment is putting this gloopy coffee cream stuff in all the joints between the sheets of plasterboard. Never seen it done, only seen the perfect result. No pressure then. Watched Youtube videos and set off.

My previous Youtube instruction was mostly for knitting - long tail cast on and the like. Not going too badly but just our bedroom has taken 15 kgs!!

Hooray the tub was empty and I could get out in the garden. The peaches are still growing. 

 The last of the new asparagus plants has finally shown its head, the asparagus beetles haven't found them yet. The Colorado beetles haven't found the potatoes either.

I bought tomato plants on the market on Saturday and they are all lined up in the garden - with some spares for you too Anne.

I bought them because they were there and I had time to plant them. But it is obviously not the time. Several ladies said beware of frost to Him Outdoors as he carried them down the hill, some sucking of teeth. Afterwards, I noticed that there was not the big rush of old men laden with tomato plants that there would usually be if it was the right time to plant. (And there was me thinking that if the man on the market had them it must be the right time to plant.....)

I bought this moon calendar the other week. The locals all plant by the moon and my only English experience of such a thing is the fact handed down by my parents from their parents, that you have to plant potatoes on Good Friday (which is a festival that is moon related.) My neighbour was very concerned that La Lune Russe was very late this year and there was a real danger that the fruit would be spoiled by frost. Googling told me that she was worried that the next new moon was not until right at the end of April.

So better not put these little beauties out yet then.

Him Outdoors decided that he needed a haircut for Easter. Sure says I. I've been using hair clippers on his head for years with no damage done. Not this time. The bit that guides the clippers to the length you want fell off mid sweep.....................................ooops.

He looks like a spayed cat! Obviously had significant brain surgery.


  1. Oops! It's a good ting he can't see it himself. :-) Yes, it's a bit early to plant out tomatoes, but with luck you'll get away with it. I'm sorry your Easter day was rainy. We've had a lot of rain and wind since we arrived in Scotland 3 weeks ago, but Easter Day was gorgeously cloudless and sunny, unlike most of the UK.

  2. So now, to add to your many talents, you are a brain surgeon!
    I can imagine how you could casually drop into a conversation..'.while I was trepanning my husband'...

    Is that calendar from Rustica?
    My first gardening adviser told me to buy Rustica's calendar and work from that...I have a feeling that things with edible roots had to be sown on a waning moon and thing sprouting above ground on a waxing one...but I could be wrong as I never took any notice of it.

    The lune rousse was when a spring frost could be expected to redden the vine shoots - freeze them...and I can quite agree with what my adviser said in respect of not planting out anything sensitive until after the Ice Saints in May...between the 11th and the 14th.

    But after a rotten winter how can you resist these plants on the market.

  3. I forgot to say...did you use those gauze strips over the joints?

    1. Yes, sticky web tape on dippy joins and paper tape on just edges. Technical eh! It works though.

  4. Re the husband's haircut- has he noticed?

    1. My gasp of horror was a bit of a give away :-). Nobody else has noticed (or said anything anyway) yet.

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