Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Him Outdoors has a new toy

Lovely new gadget. Built by moi from Chinese French instructions. It makes lifting the huge sheets of plasterboard much, much easier.
Finished the last bit of jointing on the landing.

Put up a bit of brush fencing between us and the neighbours to stop them looking at us, looking at them, looking at us while they eat. If they ever come. They are the sort of neighbours that only come for some of July and August but just in case they decide to come for Easter .......................

And the first sunny lunch on the balcony. Lovely.


  1. Super machine! Well done you fathoming the instructions, too!
    When I think back to the days of perching half way up a ladder holding up sheets of plasterboard with a broom.....

  2. We'd certainly have needed that gadget if we'd done our own plaster-boarding, but we chickened out. :-) You really are making a lot of progress and deserve your sunlit lunch on the balcony as a reward.

  3. My 'deadman's lift' was a a t-shape wooden construction. This looks far more sophisticated! Sharon