Monday, 18 February 2013

Mothers' Day

I have just noticed that it is Mothers' Day in England in the middle of March.

My brain immediately went into finding a card and something to send....................................

But I don't have to. For the first time since I first drew something in infant school, I do not have to remember Mother's Day. That is so weird and brought me up short.

I do remember one year when the children were small and life was chaotic that I noticed it was Mothers' Day and thought oh that's ok, Him Outdoors can get them to sort something out for me, that's one thing I don't have to do anything about. Completely forgetting that I had a mother and mother-in-law.

In our life, it has always been me that sorts out all the family cards/presents so it would be me that bought two cards, one for my mother and one for my mother-in-law. My mother insisted that it was Mothering Sunday and always looked for meaningful words. My mother-in-law was happy with Mothers' Day and veered towards the cute animal picture.

Nowadays, Him Outdoors has time to do his own mother's cards. We are fortunate that we still have my dear mother-in-law to send to.


  1. It brings you up short, doesn't it.
    Something that you regularly do to give pleasure...and now the person isn't there to appreciate it.

    I have never bothered my head with my husband's family birthdays and whatnot. If it's not important to him it's certainly not important to me.

    I wouldn't mind sending a parcel bomb to some of them, though....

  2. We too have my dear mother-in-law, but even 30 years after her death, I still wish I could have my mother here to send a card to. It gets easier, Rosie, but it doesn't go away entirely.