Friday, 15 February 2013

Anyone for the skylark?

We're off on the emotional roller coaster of house buying and french life.

Up - We have a lovely architect.

Down  - He doesn't feel able to deal with the local Batiment de France complications (our new house falls within 500m of a heritage sight which makes it a lovely place to live but means that there are complicated rules about what you can do to it).

Up - We know a plumber

Down - He doesn't answer the phone for a week

Up - He does answer the phone and he can come and he has a friend who is an electrician

Down - But we still don't have an architect.

Up - Find one that can see us the next day and he was lovely and we have another local architect for whom 'everything is possible'

Meanwhile the rented house electrics are messed up.

Yes the electrician will come, no he doesn't turn up, yes he does turn up, yes he fixes it.

He leaves and it breaks again.

We have a new to us cooker so that we can have an oven that works and we can have cake!

Yes we collect it.

No the gas doesn't work

Him Outdoors fixes it

Yes, gas works,

Electrics don't work

Him Outdoors can't fix it

Electrician fixes it.

Electrician leaves and the electrics blow again.

If we don't have heating we can have cake. So we sit eating cake with our coats on :-)


  1. Bonne chance, bonne continuation, and bonne chance!

  2. Puts on Maurice Chevalier record...
    Yes, I remember it well....

    Clearly Marie Antoinette had you in mind...

  3. Those electrics sound like our French house where we have a 3Kw supply limit and spend our time juggling kettle and cooker. :-) Glad you've now found an architect.

    1. We seem to have enough supply but still juggling. Cake's good though.

  4. Oh frustrating! It will all get sorted in time...fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Ayak. All optimism at the moment. The sun is shining, all is well with the world.